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+16000 Unlimited CastleVille links super pack - 5 June

Wow! In this pack, there are more than 16000 links, you can use them to receive a lot of items: gold bricks, energy, iron picks... 


 If you reach the collection limit, or all links have been claimed, don't worry, I post links and super packs everyday.  Don't send gifts back as this will trigger 95% loading error! Use the random click, and don't click the same link twice. Have fun!

Energy links - if you see the message "You have claimed/All claimed", check your inventory it may be full.

5 June, 2012

Everyday, I work in the blog, to post more links, more hacks... To help me to continue posting on the blog, you can donate me something, and click "like" on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

<3 <3 <3

PSalitroso1 said...

<3 you :D

Anonymous said...

tomorrow post wool link =D

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